Government Agencies struggle with:

  • Requirements writing

  • Convening Source Selection Evaluation Boards with quality outcomes

  • Traceable and defensible decision documents

CACI leverages years of extensive knowledge of the acquisition process and regulations to offer training classes to further enhance the skills of the Government. For example:

Source Selection Evaluation (Duration: 8.0 hours)

This training takes a deep dive into the source selection process; covering topics such as: source selection methods, theories and regulations, source selection team, evaluation factors, rating methods, and many others. CACI has a breadth of knowledge of source selection from its extensive years in supporting clients in many aspects of Acquisitions. This knowledge enables us to provide relatable examples to ensure better understanding by the trainee. For clients that use FedSelect, trainees will have their evaluation configured in the tool and hands-on practical exercises. This comprehensive approach to training evaluation board members to participate on source selection boards, will ensure that they have a thorough understanding of their role and responsibilities and will give them the skills needed to be outstanding evaluators!

Contact us to discuss the type of training needed.