CACI leverages years of extensive knowledge of the acquisition process and regulations to offer an array of training classes to further enhance the skills of the Government. Our experience has shown that many Government Agencies, today, struggle with aspects of the Acquisition process, specifically, those that require Source Selection Evaluation Boards. Additionally, there is an overwhelming difficulty with requirements writing among Program Offices. CACI has recognized this need in the Government and has developed comprehensive training courses that address many of these difficulties described above. It is our goal to improve requirements writing skills across the Government and train board members to be good evaluators.

Source Selection Evaluation (Duration: 8.0 hours)

This training takes a deep dive into the source selection process; covering topics such as: source selection methods, theories and regulations, source selection team, evaluation factors, rating methods, and many others. CACI has a breadth of knowledge of source selection from its extensive years in supporting clients in many aspects of Acquisitions. This knowledge enables us to provide relatable examples to ensure better understanding by the trainee. The first half of the training covers the topics mentioned above, while the second half offers a practical exercise. Trainees will be given a mock solicitation and proposal to evaluate. In addition, for clients that use FedSelect, trainees will input their evaluation into the program. This exercise will give trainees a chance to demonstrate their understanding of information presented in the first half of the class. This will also give the instructors a chance to re-review any topics that are still unclear. This comprehensive approach to training evaluation board members to participate on source selection boards, will ensure that they have a thorough understanding of their role and responsibilities and will give them the skills needed to be outstanding evaluators!

Requirements Writing 101 (Duration: 8.0 hours)

This training takes the trainee through the entire requirements writing process. The course begins with an introduction to requirements writing and how it fits into the procurement process. Trainees will gain a better understanding of the effects that insufficient requirements has on the acquisition itself. Each of the requirement formats (SOW, PWS, SOO) will be reviewed and presented in detail. CACI’s extensive experience assisting Government clients with writing requirements enables us to provide relatable examples to ensure better understanding by the trainee. The training will also cover requirements language, basic steps for writing requirements, and choosing evaluation criteria. The second half of the course takes trainees through a practical exercise by taking an in-depth program example and translating the need into requirements. This comprehensive approach to training requirements writers will ensure that they have a thorough understanding of how to write solid requirements and provide them with the skills to do so!